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Juicing, mmmm mmmm Good

Here is a link to the blog where I received the list.


More Great Gluten Free Recipes

More Great Gluten Free Recipes.

Love when this happens

I received a phone call from a customer who recently purchased a new product we are offering called GoPicnic. They are like a lunchable for adults and kids that are gluten-free. You can read about them in my product reviews. So this women bought the Sunbutter + Crackers one for her son to take on a field trip. He has several allergies and health issues so he has to be careful what he eats.

As his class sat to eat their lunch many pulled out lunchables, when he took out his all the kids at the table asked him what it was. He told them “You know I cant eat certain things but my mom found these and now I have my own lunchable like you”. The kids were very interested in it and he said it was really cool.

Ok, so how cool is that? I’m thinking pretty darn cool. All kids want is to feel part of a group and when you have issues whether it is food allergies or learning issues, what ever, kids just want to be kids.

This made my day along with the mom and her son. Love when this happens.

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Gluten in makeup affects those with Celiac Disease (New Study)

A new study by George Washington University researchers showed not only that gluten is an ingredient in many cosmetics and topical lotions (although they are rarely labeled as containing gluten – a problem), but that using these products may actually exacerbate celiac disease.

Here is my issue with this and it’s just me venting again.  All the time I was telling people that makeup did affect me and they said  I was wrong, here ya go now there is a study that proves it. I lost my eyelashes for years, now that I just use gluten free natural mascara my eyelashes grew back, no more breakouts on my face. No more issues but the wrinkles I am trying to get rid of.

When we started our makeup line we were told by major magazines (that deal with Celiac Disease) and others that we shouldn’t be pushing gluten free makeup on people, that Celiac is an intestinal disease and only lip stick should be gluten free. Well we never did push it on people  but offered it as a choice for those of us that felt it was causing issues (and there were a lot of us out there). We couldn’t even get a write-up because people didn’t want to have us scare those with Celiac to think they needed to buy gluten free makeup. I would get in so many debates about this it just drove me insane.

It isn’t just cosmetics, in my opinion it is everything. Everything  I put in and on my body. I used to have the worst skin rashes and itchy, it drove me yes insane. I used so many lotions and nothing ever worked. After finding out I had Celiac I started thinking about the things I put on my body. Everything I use now is gluten free and guess what , no more rashes, no more itchy skin unless a mosquito got me. No more of anything.

Here are some places to read about the study

Today is Celiac Awareness Day

Here are some stats courtesy of University of Chicago Celiac Disease Center Fact Sheets.

Celiac is most common genetic autoimmune disease in the world? Really and the fact that it took me getting so sick that I was finally diagnosed is sad according to the stats.  Celiac compared to some other diseases: at least 3 million have celiac, 3M have Type 1 diabetes, 2.7M have epilepsy, 2.1M have rheumatoid arthritis, 1.5M have lupus, .5M have Crohn’s, 1M have Parkinson’s, 400K have MS. Those with celiac would fill up 4,400 Boeing 747s or 936 cruise ships. Celiac is very common, but not commonly diagnosed. Don’t you think this is sad because I certainly think it is.

Just in case you don’t know. The disease affects the digestive process of the small intestine and is triggered by the consumption of gluten–a protein found in wheat, barley and rye.  Celiac Disease causes an abnormal response to gluten ingestion: the immune system attacks the small intestine, inhibiting the absorption of important nutrients, destroying the intestinal villi and wreaking havoc on the bodies systems.

I have heard from many people who have been told by their insurance that they will not cover them now that they were diagnosed and I also have heard from people that they have been told “No” on  life insurance because of being diagnosed. Now I have never had an issue with insurance or life insurance so I feel very lucky. Then I started thinking  isn’t that what you pay all your premiums for? Anyway that is a whole other subject that I wont get into now.

The University of Chicago has wonderful information on their website. And here is a link to the e-book they offer.

My friend said “Oh gluten free is so popular now” Really, she is lucky I love her.

Complaints of Celiac Disease are on the rise in the United States.  A friend of mine said to me it must be getting popular to go gluten-free, she saw a show where Hollywood A lister’s were saying how going gluten-free helped them shed pounds. Are you kidding me!!!. Let me just say that I didn’t choose to go gluten-free and yes if you eliminate pastas and bread from a normal diet and eat more fruits and veggies you will lose weight. Lord, what is wrong with people.  For those of us who have Celiac Disease (me)  it hurts, it makes us sick and to be frank “It sucks”.

Celiac disease is an inherited (Yes, mother it is) autoimmune disorder that causes the body’s immune system to attack the small intestine, it interferes with proper digestion and absorption of nutrients. So I am reading these articles and it says that because so many people have it now researchers are trying to figure out why. ??????  Then as I read on they called it a trend. There is another theory that involves improvements in sanitation and hygiene and it said that industrialized countries are more at risk for celiac disease because their bodies have not had to fight off as many diseases. My head hurts now and I am not reading any more of these articles or I may hurt someone.

This is why I think it is on the rise (ready) now I am 50 so back in the day we ate different. My gamma made food from scratch, we ate veggies we grew in our back yard and McDonald’s was only if you were lucky or it was your birthday. We eat in my opinion too much processed foods which contains gluten in it,  HELLO !!!!.  Another reason why more and more people are being diagnosed is because doctors are more aware of the disease and look at symptoms differently than years ago. Oh and there is the little thing about the gene they found that I mentioned early.

So this is what Dr Murray who works at the Mayo Clinic stated in an article (yes I read 1 more) about Celiac Disease and it isn’t far off  of what I just stated. He states “Another potential culprit is the 21st century diet”. Although overall wheat consumption hasn’t increased, the ways wheat is processed and eaten have changed dramatically. “Many of the processed foods we eat were not in existence 50 years ago,” Dr. Murray says. Modern wheat also differs from older strains because of hybridization.

So if you ask anyone that has Celiac Disease if  they think this trend will go away or if you ask  if you eat gluten-free to lose weight watch out because you might just get slapped upside your head. Really people, Celiac Disease is not a trend and it is not a choice, trust me I wouldn’t have picked this at all, I’m just saying.

By George I Think They Got It :)

This holiday weekend our house was the house. we had guests everyday. Saturday we had my husbands manager and his family over. We have had them over before and they are great people to hang out with, this time they insisted in bringing the main course. They were so concerned about what they were making because they know I have Celiac Disease. They didn’t even season any of the items until they got to my home to make sure the ingredients were ok for me. Now this guy make the best Ceaser Salad ever and he made sure that the dressing was ok and that croutons were not added and put on the side. It was wonderful, one day down and nothing but fun and swimming in the sun. No stomach ache, nothing YEAH.

Day two Sunday, my turn to cook, two of our children came home, the one that didn’t was here the night before . So burgers and hotdogs, chips and dips your basic things. YEAH another day and nothing but fun and swimming in the sun. Could I do it for a third day ? Yes I can.  Monday came and my in-laws and friends and number 2 son (who spent the night) and his girlfriend and her cute little girl came by. My father in law brought the food (Filets his favorite), my friends called a head of time and asked what they could bring that I could eat. It was another day of fun and swimming in the sun.

So finally after a year and a half most of my friends and family have figured out what I can eat and can’t eat, but alas my dear husband sat after everyone was gone Monday and as he is eating a doughnut he turned to me and said “Want a bi…. shit, I’m sorry baby. Yikes, really, you have got to be kidding me. LOL