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You never stop being a Mom :)

I have been gone a few days, my youngest (who will be 22 on the 6th of Feb) had to have emergency surgery. I was woken up by the dreaded scary phone ringing at 2:30 (Friday) in the morning that every parent hates, telling me my son was being taken to the emergency room. I’m 45 min away but made it there in a half hour. Thank God there was no traffic on the expressways towards Chicago. He had to have his gallbladder removed and then ended up having to stay until today because of high blood pressure issues. The boy eats way to much fast food. So I just got home and will be updating my blog as soon as I get some needed rest. My mother lives in the city so I stayed there but you know how it goes you never sleep well when your kids are sick and when you’re not in your own bed. On top of that I ran out of my house with nothing but my clothes on my back and my purse. Thank God I washed my clothes at my mothers, I think the nurses were starting to talk because I wore the same thing every day LOL. It’s all good, my Danny is fine, his brother Kyle was right there by his side as a great big brother should be and my sister Lisa “Thank God” was the one that got him to the hospital in time.