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Could you have a leaky gut?, sounds gross but it can happen.

So it’s called Leaky Gut, sounds gross but it is the name of this condition. So what is it ?

It is when your intestines become  damaged the lining can no longer protect the internal environment.  Some bacteria”s and toxins,  incompletely digested proteins and fats along with waste are not normally absorbed and may “leak” out of the intestines into the blood stream.  When this happens it trigger’s the body to have an autoimmune reaction. Autoimmune, I mention that a lot and will be writing about that soon. So the autoimmune reaction causes an aray of issues which I have also mentioned in previous posts. It can cause bloating, gas and cramps, fatigue and joint pain. If you have been reading my blogs these are also the symptoms of Celiac Disease, Sojrens Syndrome and many other autoimmune diseases.

Leaky gut can also cause or from what I understand trigger Crohns Disease and rheumatoid arthritis. Now you all know I have Celiac Disease and I have heard of several people with Celiac’s who later find they also had leaky gut and that is the reason why they don’t get better as quickly as others do. It can also be the cause of fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, diabetes, arthritis, pancreatic dysfunction, giardia, irritable bowel syndrome, and lupus. That’s a lot ! So I read that experts think  leaky gut can happen when a person ingests a food they are allergic to.  So as you know I cannot eat wheat and I have recently had to give up dairy because I was getting ill again. All these issues I write about have a lot of the same symptoms, no wonder why it can take so long to figure it all out.

So can it be fixed?

Digestive enzymes and probiotic’s can help this condition and some say even fix this issue. Digestive enzymes break down the food particles so they become smaller by doing this  the lining of the intestine doesn’t get irritated.  Breaking the food down also let the vitamins and minerals, and other nutrients enter the body in a healthier way so the body can absorb it better as it would normally. Enzymes also proactively support intestinal health.

So as always, if you feel you have these issues or any intestinal issues talk to your doctor about it. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, that’s what they are there for.  Also if you feel that they are not listening to you by all means find someone who will.  Because I have several autoimmune diseases I bring my list of questions with me and I don’t leave until I have an answer that I can understand or a reason why this or that is going on . Being sick for over 25 years was way to long.



My friend said “Oh gluten free is so popular now” Really, she is lucky I love her.

Complaints of Celiac Disease are on the rise in the United States.  A friend of mine said to me it must be getting popular to go gluten-free, she saw a show where Hollywood A lister’s were saying how going gluten-free helped them shed pounds. Are you kidding me!!!. Let me just say that I didn’t choose to go gluten-free and yes if you eliminate pastas and bread from a normal diet and eat more fruits and veggies you will lose weight. Lord, what is wrong with people.  For those of us who have Celiac Disease (me)  it hurts, it makes us sick and to be frank “It sucks”.

Celiac disease is an inherited (Yes, mother it is) autoimmune disorder that causes the body’s immune system to attack the small intestine, it interferes with proper digestion and absorption of nutrients. So I am reading these articles and it says that because so many people have it now researchers are trying to figure out why. ??????  Then as I read on they called it a trend. There is another theory that involves improvements in sanitation and hygiene and it said that industrialized countries are more at risk for celiac disease because their bodies have not had to fight off as many diseases. My head hurts now and I am not reading any more of these articles or I may hurt someone.

This is why I think it is on the rise (ready) now I am 50 so back in the day we ate different. My gamma made food from scratch, we ate veggies we grew in our back yard and McDonald’s was only if you were lucky or it was your birthday. We eat in my opinion too much processed foods which contains gluten in it,  HELLO !!!!.  Another reason why more and more people are being diagnosed is because doctors are more aware of the disease and look at symptoms differently than years ago. Oh and there is the little thing about the gene they found that I mentioned early.

So this is what Dr Murray who works at the Mayo Clinic stated in an article (yes I read 1 more) about Celiac Disease and it isn’t far off  of what I just stated. He states “Another potential culprit is the 21st century diet”. Although overall wheat consumption hasn’t increased, the ways wheat is processed and eaten have changed dramatically. “Many of the processed foods we eat were not in existence 50 years ago,” Dr. Murray says. Modern wheat also differs from older strains because of hybridization.

So if you ask anyone that has Celiac Disease if  they think this trend will go away or if you ask  if you eat gluten-free to lose weight watch out because you might just get slapped upside your head. Really people, Celiac Disease is not a trend and it is not a choice, trust me I wouldn’t have picked this at all, I’m just saying.