Living Gluten Free

This holiday weekend our house was the house. we had guests everyday. Saturday we had my husbands manager and his family over. We have had them over before and they are great people to hang out with, this time they insisted in bringing the main course. They were so concerned about what they were making because they know I have Celiac Disease. They didn’t even season any of the items until they got to my home to make sure the ingredients were ok for me. Now this guy make the best Ceaser Salad ever and he made sure that the dressing was ok and that croutons were not added and put on the side. It was wonderful, one day down and nothing but fun and swimming in the sun. No stomach ache, nothing YEAH.

Day two Sunday, my turn to cook, two of our children came home, the one that didn’t was here the night before . So burgers and hotdogs, chips and dips your basic things. YEAH another day and nothing but fun and swimming in the sun. Could I do it for a third day ? Yes I can.  Monday came and my in-laws and friends and number 2 son (who spent the night) and his girlfriend and her cute little girl came by. My father in law brought the food (Filets his favorite), my friends called a head of time and asked what they could bring that I could eat. It was another day of fun and swimming in the sun.

So finally after a year and a half most of my friends and family have figured out what I can eat and can’t eat, but alas my dear husband sat after everyone was gone Monday and as he is eating a doughnut he turned to me and said “Want a bi…. shit, I’m sorry baby. Yikes, really, you have got to be kidding me. LOL


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