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Great benifts to some yummy foods

Great chart I got from Facebook over at Way of the Butterfly, here is her link.

Sorry, I do believe the chart originally came from Emas Herbs



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Juicing, mmmm mmmm Good

Here is a link to the blog where I received the list.

Good Food Combinations

I got this from a friends page on Facebook and thought it was interesting so I am sharing it with you.

Also thought I would post this one again as well

Summers over and its back to school :( What should I pack in my lunch?

Where has my summer gone.

As some of you know I work with children that have multi-needs and last year was the first year I didn’t work summer school, doctors orders. This year I opted not to work summer school again because I was diagnosed with several other autoimmune diseases and well I just need the rest. I love my job but it is a very physical.

I did work a lot on No Gluten Natural Girl Products but had a blast doing it, I did not spend as much time at my pool or in my pool as I wanted and this year no vacation :(   but we spent a lot of time with friends and family so I’m good with that. :)

This is my last week off, next week we go back to school and I have to figure out what I will be bringing for lunch. Lunch is not easy in our room, everyone has a child and not many of our children eat because of their health issues. We don’t have a regular lunch break like many of you do because of the type of classroom I am in, so because of this we try not to bring foods that needs to be warmed up.

I am not a big fan of gluten-free bread :(   it falls apart and well I just don’t like it much so unless I bake my own bread which I do from time to time sandwiches are out and I will only bring them on occasion. Of course I could bring chips :) and veggies, crackers and cheese but I am trying to not eat dairy (Yes I have a feeling I am lactose intolerant) another thing to add to the list :(

So I figured I would research what parents send when their child has Celiac Disease and found some great ideas and I  added some of my own.

  • Left overs from dinner
  • Hard boiled eggs
  • Fresh fruit
  • Fresh veggies
  • Pop corn
  • Chips with salsa or humus (can be used with veggies too)
  • Gluten free pretzels
  • Yogurt
  • Nuts, almonds (my favorite) sunflower seeds
  • Lettuce wraps (love these) I fill mine with chicken salad or tuna salad
  • Salad
  • Home made trail mix (yummy)
  • Gluten free crackers
  • Gluten free cookies or brownies
  • Pasta Salad (another favorite of mine)
  • Think Thin Bars (maybe not for kids but I love them) I think thin all the time :) but nothing happens I still weight the same :(
  •  Glutino Blueberry Breakfast Bars (they have others, this one is my favorite) 
  • Sushi (I love sushi) Keep it in the frig.

So far not a bad list and of course we always have chocolate in our room (In the file cabinet)  LOL  Sometimes you just need it. :)   If you have any other ideas let me know and I will add it to my list.

Do you know whats in your makeup? I know whats in mine

Did you know that makeup and personal care products are not tested by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration before they go on the market? Kinda scary isn’t it, glad I know whats in my makeup and personal care products. The Environmental Working Group (EWG) found that 80 % of the products they tested were contaminated with one or more substances linked to cancer and other health issues. WOW 80 % that’s a lot.

One of the most common ingredients in make up is talc. Talc is a known carcinogen and can cause lung damage.

Propylene glycol is included in many make up and beauty products as a humectant. It is also included in brake fluid and antifreeze. WOW

The FDA allows mercury compounds to be used in eye make up as long as parts per million does not exceed 65. How nice of them to stop it at 65.

Formaldehyde is used as a disinfectant, preservative and fungicide. Found in deodorants and nail varnish. It is a suspected cancer-causing chemical.

Isopropylalcohol is used as a solvent to help colors mix together. Found in lipsticks and cream blushes, it is linked to neurological damage and may cause the body tissues to be more susceptible to cancer.

And these are just a few of the chemicals found in cosmetics. I will add more as I research more about it. Friends have been sending me articles about it since I no longer use over the counter cosmetics and since I have been ill. So check this from time to time I am sure I will be adding more as I learn more about this issue.

Here are more chemicals I found that can be in products

I mentioned this one earlier but found out a little more about it. Propylene / Butylene Glycol (PG): Found in: deodorants, body lotions, body washes, hair conditioner, hair gel, creams, hand-wipes, lipsticks.  Side effects that are linked to these are possible brain, liver, and kidney abnormalities respiratory and throat irritation, central nervous system depression, pulmonary oedema, brain damage, hypoglycaemia, skin rashes and dermatitis.  This chemical is banned in Europe.

Amine family which is Diethanolamine (DEA), triethanolamine (TEA), amonoethanolamine (MEA): These can be found in shampoos, soaps, hairspray, sunscreens, foundations, concealers, eyeliner, talc, face powders, shaving creams, hair colouring products (women/men), hair sprays. This chemical can result in  hormone disruptor; carcinogen linked to liver and kidney cancer; irritant to hair and skin; corrosive to eyes; causes contact dermatitis. This is currently under review in the USA, UK and Europe

Anyone know where I might find a good wig?

Some time ago I saw a red spot on my head, my hairdresser who is my husband’s cousin thought it could be irritation from a hair color I used.  Well we found two more red patches on my head and no hair is growing in the red patches. Long story short I can now add Alopecia Areata to the list of issues I have. Alopecia Areata is a condition in which the immune system mistakenly attacks the hair follicles. Sound like my Sjögren’s syndrome which is another chronic autoimmune disease in which people’s white blood cells attack their moisture-producing glands. My body just doesn’t like me anymore.

Alopecia Areata usually starts with one or more small, round, smooth bald patches on the head and can eventually cause complete hair loss on the scalp or even on the entire body (a condition known as alopecia universalis). Now that might be Ok not to have to shave my legs anymore or under my arms, right? There is no cure for Alopecia Areata. Most, but not all, of the research reports that describe patients with alopecia and celiac disease also report that the patients’ hair grew back after they adopted a gluten-free diet. Hair can grow back in or fall out again at any time, and the disease course is different for each person. So if you all have been following me you know that over the years I have had my hair fall out and I have lost my eyelashes several times, but now I have the red spots with no hair.  I know I am going to fall into the group of not all instead of most that get their hair back. Life is a trip, everyday is a new adventure. Bring it !!!!! LOL