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No Gluten Natural Girl Products

So my business partner and I have this great little company and we are trying to expand it. We carry Gluten Free makeup (our own line), gluten-free products like lotions, body wash, hygiene products, shampoos and conditioners, baby care, household products in addition to Gluten free snacks for those with Celiac Disease, sensitive skin or those looking for natural products. We have a gluten-free product for everyone in the family.

We have the lowest prices out there and people wonder why is that. Well I am going to tell you why. It is because we don’t think you should have to pay and arm and a leg because its gluten-free. Both myself and my business partner know what its like to live on a budget, remember we both work in special education . My partner is a teacher and I am a substitute teacher and her assistant. Up until 5 years ago I was a divorced mom with a son at home. It was important to us that people be able to afford the items they need, I needed to be able to afford the items that I need and that is why we keep the cost as low as we can. Our products are of great quality we just choose not to charge ridiculous prices. I just felt I need to state this because I see and check prices all the time and I just think its insane what some people charge for items because they are gluten-free. Check us out, give us a chance.