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Great benifts to some yummy foods

Great chart I got from Facebook over at Way of the Butterfly, here is her link.

Sorry, I do believe the chart originally came from Emas Herbs



Just thought I would share this information, I also found articles with statements on each spice and its regard to fighting cancer.

Garlic: The American Cancer Society explains that certain properties in garlic, specifically allyl sulfur, may fight cancer.

Ginger: Ginger causes the cancer cells to “commit suicide” by destroying themselves while leaving the surrounding healthy cells untouched.

Cinnamon: “Only about half as many cinnamon-treated cells as control cells were
counted, not bad for a common kitchen spice!”

Turmeric: Has been shown to eliminate cancer cells from the body.

Cayenne Pepper: Kills androgen-independent prostate cancer cells within the male body.

Good Food Combinations

I got this from a friends page on Facebook and thought it was interesting so I am sharing it with you.

Also thought I would post this one again as well

Craving old favorite foods :(

I don’t know what triggered this but I woke up this morning craving several foods I have had to stop eating since February of 2010 because of being diagnosed with Celiac Disease. I would kill for a great piece of bread, Italian Bread to be exact. I also have a taste for a juicy burger on a pretzel bun. God I also want a decent bowl of pasta.  Bread and pasta for some reason are the two things I would love to be able to eat one more time. Having Celiac Disease isn’t fun and maybe being on this diet only for a year and a half has something to do with it or maybe it’s because I saw a Bertolli commercial about pasta and that’s what triggered this. Who knows why ? Many have tried to figure me out. LOL

I do know that this will pass (Please Lord let this pass) I know I CANNOT eat these foods again, the pain from accidentally  ingesting gluten ( a local pizza place offers gluten-free pizza.)  and the memory of the pain I was in for two days helps me tell myself “NO”!!!. A friend of mine who is wise and my bestest friend in the whole world reminded me that all my life these were my comfort foods and maybe recent issues in my life (stress) has triggered the urge for these foods. Makes sense right? I will keep telling myself this today, hoping it will help the cravings  pass.