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What are Amines in food? I have a great website that will help you.

All foods are made up of hundreds of naturally occurring compounds, depending on how much we eat and how sensitive we are is how we react to these compounds. Biogenic amines are formed by the breakdown of proteins in foods. The amine content of foods can vary due to processing, age, ripeness, handling, storage, variety of grapes or other produce, cooking method and many other factors.

So for me I know I have to stay away from dairy, because it causes me to have sinus issues and headaches. I haven’t drank milk in 6 months and I try to stay away from cheese although I do eat it now and them (I’m Italian, it’s so hard)  The more intense the flavor the higher the amine content, so the prosciutto ham I love is only eaten on special occasions and in moderation (because I just can’t let it go). I am trying to be more conscious of the amount of amines that are in my food and I will admit it’s not easy for me to add this to my list of things to think about but I am trying.

So my friend Michelle has a blog and she makes these amazing recipes that I have tried, in fact I am making her Cajun Spiced Beef Skewers for my New Years Eve party. I happen to find her on another social network I belong to called “Don’t Eat That” it is run by a great friend of ours (NG) Jayne Aston.

Sorry (I sometimes drift) Michelle has so much information on her site and she has some great recipes. So read her story, look at all the information she offers and see if it can help you out. I know that once I read the information and understood it, it made sense to me.

Low Amine Recipes


Comments on: "What are Amines in food? I have a great website that will help you." (6)

  1. Thank you for spreading the good word about my blog! I’m really hoping that it will help people with amine allergies (or a whole host of other food sensitivities, such as gluten-free, soy-free, or tomato-free).

    If you read up on my blog and still have questions, please feel free to leave a comment on my blog with your question. I will answer all questions as best I can.

    Thank you, and happy new year!

    • You are very welcome. I do enjoy many of your recipes and until I saw your post on “Don’t Eat That” from Jayne I had no idea what amine allergies were. My goal since I became ill is to help out as many people I can, so what ever information I come across that I can give out about food allergies that I feel is helpful I do so. I love your site and all the information you offer. Thank you again and have a Happy New Year also.

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