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Reviews on No Gluten Natural Girl Products

A new review of one of our products that we sell called Oxy-Prime. It a natural chemical free laundry detergent. Check it out:

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The Celiac Diva

Aunt jayne’s Blog

Posted by pastmaddie on 2011/05/05 at 17:23

Great Website! So many Gluten Free Products to pick from!!!!
Love the sunscreen and lip balm!
My favorite item for myself is the lip liner!
Also, cleaning is so much easier with the Oxy-Boost

Posted by Mandy on 2011/05/01 at 15:16

They have free shipping for the month of May!

Take advantage of this and stock up on summer items such as: sun lotion, bug spray, hand sanitizer, and SPF 15-30 lip-balms.

Kathy Prokop, Illinois  (Facebook)

Just received your cleaning products and finished using them. They work great even the stain free took grease out of my husbands shirt. It really, really works. Customer service was fast and had no problems. Will reorder real soon., Thanks

Debbie Dicker Puscitti, Illinois (Facebook)

I love my new lipsticks and I will try my new powdered foundation and blush today! Yesterday was a no make up day! Haha! I also love the new lip balm I received as a gift, just for ordering! Can’t beat that! The balm feels very soothing! Also, I received my products really quickly.. Although, I live in IL as well. But, either way I was impressed with the quick turn around! Thanks for my new find!