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Winter sale page from No Gluten Natural Girl Products

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Gluten in makeup affects those with Celiac Disease (New Study)

A new study by George Washington University researchers showed not only that gluten is an ingredient in many cosmetics and topical lotions (although they are rarely labeled as containing gluten – a problem), but that using these products may actually exacerbate celiac disease.

Here is my issue with this and it’s just me venting again.  All the time I was telling people that makeup did affect me and they said  I was wrong, here ya go now there is a study that proves it. I lost my eyelashes for years, now that I just use gluten free natural mascara my eyelashes grew back, no more breakouts on my face. No more issues but the wrinkles I am trying to get rid of.

When we started our makeup line we were told by major magazines (that deal with Celiac Disease) and others that we shouldn’t be pushing gluten free makeup on people, that Celiac is an intestinal disease and only lip stick should be gluten free. Well we never did push it on people  but offered it as a choice for those of us that felt it was causing issues (and there were a lot of us out there). We couldn’t even get a write-up because people didn’t want to have us scare those with Celiac to think they needed to buy gluten free makeup. I would get in so many debates about this it just drove me insane.

It isn’t just cosmetics, in my opinion it is everything. Everything  I put in and on my body. I used to have the worst skin rashes and itchy, it drove me yes insane. I used so many lotions and nothing ever worked. After finding out I had Celiac I started thinking about the things I put on my body. Everything I use now is gluten free and guess what , no more rashes, no more itchy skin unless a mosquito got me. No more of anything.

Here are some places to read about the study