Living Gluten Free

Eating Raw???

Yes eating raw??????? I recently met a young man named Chris Kendall on a new social network called “Don’t Eat That”.  You should check it out, it’s a great site.  Anyway as soon as you see him and look at his video’s you can feel his energy, I know it sounds funny but I watched one of his videos and his positive attitude jumps out at you and you cant help but smile and his love of raw food comes out when he talks about it.  Then as you continue to watch you can feel his love of  life and even when he sends you a message well it just makes you  feel good.  So this is what I know about eating raw…………………….nothing, yep don’t know anything about it but Chris does.

Before I met Chris I was thinking that I am still having issues and need to stop eating dairy, for me that’s hard. I’m Italian, come on !!!!!! cheese is a staple, it was hard enough giving up Italian bread. So I slowly started eliminating milk and cheese, I figured I need to eat more veggies and more fruits. Then I watched a video of  Chris’s and he made fruit soup. I love fruit so I thought Ok and I made it. OMG it was like my taste buds never had fruit before, it was wonderful.

Can I go 100% raw? I’m not sure, but I am taking baby steps and I have added more raw food into my diet and eliminated others. I wish I could do yoga but I cannot because I have chronic sinus issues and it make me light-headed and sick. But when you go to Chris’s site he talks about how these types of issues will go away, so there may be hope for me.

Chris is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist offering Raw Food Lifestyle Coaching and Transitional Lifestyle Coaching. He also has a book called and I love the title: 101 Fricken Rawsome Recipes.

Why Eat Raw? This is from Chris’s web site:  When foods are cooked, carbohydrates are caramelized, proteins are denatured, and fats are rancidified, these factors among others lead to toxicity, impaired digestive function, and are by far one of the largest factors in our general state of poor physical, mental, and spiritual health, not to mention rampant degenerative diseases.

What is considered Raw? This is from Chris’s web site. Foods that are ripe, in their whole form, not having been subjected to any cooking.  Foods that can be eaten as is, and are enjoyed fully as a meal all by themselves.

I did some research and found some advantages to eating raw.

The heat of cooking depletes vitamins, damages proteins and fats, and destroys enzymes which benefit digestion.Now I did ask Chris about blanching food like zucchini and he said it was Ok, I just don’t know if I could eat it at room temp, so blanching it may make it warmer until I get used to it

Raw foods have more flavor than cooked foods so there is no need to add salt, sugar, spices, or other condiments that can irritate your system.Raw foods take very little preparation.


Eating a diet of raw foods can reverse or stop the advance of many chronic diseases. Since I have 4 yes 4 autoimmune diseases I am hoping to find a new way to eat and live, since the first 50 years didn’t work well for me. LOL

It is environmentally sound.

So if eating raw is something you might want to add to your diet or if your curious about it go see my friend Chris Kendall.  He is what I call “A beautiful old soul”,  he has a vast amount of knowledge for his age and  I know that he will be more than happy to share any information and will answer any questions. Oh and he is a skateboarder also.


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