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Allery Bullies?, really? Yep they are out there.

So have you heard about this?, it is very disturbing to me. Kids who purposefully touch or threaten to touch or contaminate a child or his or her lunch box who has known allergies with the food they are allergic too. What the hell has this world come to. Yep I said it. There will always be bullies, I know my sister was one and still is at 49, but to take it to this level where a child can get sick or even die. Wow. Now they have to worry about if someone is going to spread peanuts on them or crumbs in their lunch boxes.

Kids know another kid is allergic to lets say peanuts and they threaten to touch him or her to see if he or she will have a reaction to bully him or her. Are you kidding me. I saw this video on-line and it made me sick to hear this . Here are a couple of videos and articles you can look at.

We really need to talk to our kids more, the school and parents need to talk to kids. More children have allergies now, they have it hard enough worrying about what they can and cannot eat. They don’t need to worry about this too.

Being a kid now days is really hard, I’m glad I will be 51 next week. When I was a kid being a kid was just that, being a kid.