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Juicing, mmmm mmmm Good

Here is a link to the blog where I received the list.


Just thought I would share this information, I also found articles with statements on each spice and its regard to fighting cancer.

Garlic: The American Cancer Society explains that certain properties in garlic, specifically allyl sulfur, may fight cancer.

Ginger: Ginger causes the cancer cells to “commit suicide” by destroying themselves while leaving the surrounding healthy cells untouched.

Cinnamon: “Only about half as many cinnamon-treated cells as control cells were
counted, not bad for a common kitchen spice!”

Turmeric: Has been shown to eliminate cancer cells from the body.

Cayenne Pepper: Kills androgen-independent prostate cancer cells within the male body.

More Great Gluten Free Recipes

More Great Gluten Free Recipes.

Do you have a plan if you have been glutened? I do

So if you have Celiac Disease or you are gluten intolerant or sensitive and eating gluten by accident makes you ill you need to have a plan on what to do when and if this happens. Why? Well because anyone who has gone through this (ME) will tell you it hurts and it ruins your day or can ruin a couple of days. It’s physically exhausting and mentally draining because you don’t know how long it will last.

The first time I accidentally ate gluten after being gluten-free I thought I was going to die, the pain was horrible (spasms) not to mention the bathroom issues also. My husband called the doctor and I was told to go to the emergency room, why? First because I was newly diagnosed and he wanted to make sure there were not any other issues and second the pain was so bad they had to give me something stronger and something faster than a pill. Now I have only been glutened 3 times since 2010. The first time because I read a label wrong and the other 2 were because a restaurant said it was gluten-free and they didn’t take proper precautions and I had cross contamination issues.

So after the third time my Gastrologist  and I got together and came up with a plan. The first thing he did was give me a medication that works by decreasing the motion of the stomach and intestines along with the secretion of stomach fluids, including acid. Now everyone’s doctor is different and I am not going to put the medication I use in this blog. You should talk to your doctor about it if you think you need to have one on hand. I take this medication as soon as I feel that feeling I get when I know I have eaten something that has had gluten in it. These pills dissolve under the tongue and are easy to take. I also take something for the diarrhea, which unfortunately happens when you have ingested gluten accidentally. The other thing that we talked about was that I need to drink water during this time and a lot of it to flush it all out of my system. I don’t me a glass here and there I mean bottles here an there, drink, drink, drink until you think you can’t drink anymore and then drink some more.

Now there are some other natural remedies that you can find at a health food store and there are some that feel juicing or a cleansing can help as well. I have not tried any of these. I personally and it’s just me feel better talking to my doctor and taking his recommendations. I am very sensitive when it comes to gluten and I can get very sick with cross contamination issues. Everyone is different and everyone reacts differently. Check with your doctor please before you take anything over the counter especially if you are on other medications. You don’t want to have a medication react to something you take over the counter.


You never stop being a Mom :)

I have been gone a few days, my youngest (who will be 22 on the 6th of Feb) had to have emergency surgery. I was woken up by the dreaded scary phone ringing at 2:30 (Friday) in the morning that every parent hates, telling me my son was being taken to the emergency room. I’m 45 min away but made it there in a half hour. Thank God there was no traffic on the expressways towards Chicago. He had to have his gallbladder removed and then ended up having to stay until today because of high blood pressure issues. The boy eats way to much fast food. So I just got home and will be updating my blog as soon as I get some needed rest. My mother lives in the city so I stayed there but you know how it goes you never sleep well when your kids are sick and when you’re not in your own bed. On top of that I ran out of my house with nothing but my clothes on my back and my purse. Thank God I washed my clothes at my mothers, I think the nurses were starting to talk because I wore the same thing every day LOL. It’s all good, my Danny is fine, his brother Kyle was right there by his side as a great big brother should be and my sister Lisa “Thank God” was the one that got him to the hospital in time.

My friend said “Oh gluten free is so popular now” Really, she is lucky I love her.

Complaints of Celiac Disease are on the rise in the United States.  A friend of mine said to me it must be getting popular to go gluten-free, she saw a show where Hollywood A lister’s were saying how going gluten-free helped them shed pounds. Are you kidding me!!!. Let me just say that I didn’t choose to go gluten-free and yes if you eliminate pastas and bread from a normal diet and eat more fruits and veggies you will lose weight. Lord, what is wrong with people.  For those of us who have Celiac Disease (me)  it hurts, it makes us sick and to be frank “It sucks”.

Celiac disease is an inherited (Yes, mother it is) autoimmune disorder that causes the body’s immune system to attack the small intestine, it interferes with proper digestion and absorption of nutrients. So I am reading these articles and it says that because so many people have it now researchers are trying to figure out why. ??????  Then as I read on they called it a trend. There is another theory that involves improvements in sanitation and hygiene and it said that industrialized countries are more at risk for celiac disease because their bodies have not had to fight off as many diseases. My head hurts now and I am not reading any more of these articles or I may hurt someone.

This is why I think it is on the rise (ready) now I am 50 so back in the day we ate different. My gamma made food from scratch, we ate veggies we grew in our back yard and McDonald’s was only if you were lucky or it was your birthday. We eat in my opinion too much processed foods which contains gluten in it,  HELLO !!!!.  Another reason why more and more people are being diagnosed is because doctors are more aware of the disease and look at symptoms differently than years ago. Oh and there is the little thing about the gene they found that I mentioned early.

So this is what Dr Murray who works at the Mayo Clinic stated in an article (yes I read 1 more) about Celiac Disease and it isn’t far off  of what I just stated. He states “Another potential culprit is the 21st century diet”. Although overall wheat consumption hasn’t increased, the ways wheat is processed and eaten have changed dramatically. “Many of the processed foods we eat were not in existence 50 years ago,” Dr. Murray says. Modern wheat also differs from older strains because of hybridization.

So if you ask anyone that has Celiac Disease if  they think this trend will go away or if you ask  if you eat gluten-free to lose weight watch out because you might just get slapped upside your head. Really people, Celiac Disease is not a trend and it is not a choice, trust me I wouldn’t have picked this at all, I’m just saying.

Websites that can be helpful when newly diagnosed with Celiac Disease

You will find that I am a research junky, I have tons of information saved. I thought theses sites were helpful when I was first diagnosed.

University of Chicago, Celiac Center.

Celiac Disease

What is Gluten?

Hidden Sources Of Gluten

You will find gluten in items you wouldn’t think of

Gluten Free Diet:  Author:  Frank W. Jackson, M.D.

List foods that are safe and those that are questionable

Confirmed Gluten-Free Drugs and Medications

Gluten Free Registry. Type in city and state and it will give you safe gluten-free restaurants


A list of gluten free prescription medications


My favorite social networks

These are the best networks I feel if you want information, ask questions and find people who can give support.

Don’t Eat That: This social site is run by a great lady named  Jayne Aston, she runs several blogs with great information. There are a number of groups you can join based on your needs. Articles and videos are also on site and you can design your page yourself.

The Celiac Diva: This is another site run by another great lady who has a Facebook page where you can get tons of help and or she has an internet show which is very informative and she blogs

Gluten Free Networks: Here is another site where you can join all kinds of groups and meet new people with similar needs. This site is run by a gentleman named John Libonati. Lots of great articles and information

Simply…. Gluten Free:  This site is great, the beautiful lady that runs this site is a television chef, freelance writer and cookbook author, so not only do you get great recipes you also get a lot of information. She also has giveaways which is really nice.

Gluten Free Gigi: This site is run by yet another great girl, tons of product information, great recipes and she is also a food writer and a contributor for Health Central, an online support and wellness community providing trusted information for a variety of conditions.