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Happy Mothers Day

To all the mom’s, stepmother’s, grandmothers, aunt’s and women out there that love, care for and nurture children.

                                  I love you and miss you gram

You never stop being a Mom :)

I have been gone a few days, my youngest (who will be 22 on the 6th of Feb) had to have emergency surgery. I was woken up by the dreaded scary phone ringing at 2:30 (Friday) in the morning that every parent hates, telling me my son was being taken to the emergency room. I’m 45 min away but made it there in a half hour. Thank God there was no traffic on the expressways towards Chicago. He had to have his gallbladder removed and then ended up having to stay until today because of high blood pressure issues. The boy eats way to much fast food. So I just got home and will be updating my blog as soon as I get some needed rest. My mother lives in the city so I stayed there but you know how it goes you never sleep well when your kids are sick and when you’re not in your own bed. On top of that I ran out of my house with nothing but my clothes on my back and my purse. Thank God I washed my clothes at my mothers, I think the nurses were starting to talk because I wore the same thing every day LOL. It’s all good, my Danny is fine, his brother Kyle was right there by his side as a great big brother should be and my sister Lisa “Thank God” was the one that got him to the hospital in time.

Allery Bullies?, really? Yep they are out there.

So have you heard about this?, it is very disturbing to me. Kids who purposefully touch or threaten to touch or contaminate a child or his or her lunch box who has known allergies with the food they are allergic too. What the hell has this world come to. Yep I said it. There will always be bullies, I know my sister was one and still is at 49, but to take it to this level where a child can get sick or even die. Wow. Now they have to worry about if someone is going to spread peanuts on them or crumbs in their lunch boxes.

Kids know another kid is allergic to lets say peanuts and they threaten to touch him or her to see if he or she will have a reaction to bully him or her. Are you kidding me. I saw this video on-line and it made me sick to hear this . Here are a couple of videos and articles you can look at.

We really need to talk to our kids more, the school and parents need to talk to kids. More children have allergies now, they have it hard enough worrying about what they can and cannot eat. They don’t need to worry about this too.

Being a kid now days is really hard, I’m glad I will be 51 next week. When I was a kid being a kid was just that, being a kid.

Snack Food, whats your favorite?

No Gluten Natural Girl Products is thinking about added snack items to our business. Before we make our final decision, we want to know what you think about this item.

The name of the product is: Yogavive apple chips

What is this product:  It is a healthy snack that is made from highest quality USDA certified organic fruit. They are organic popped fuji apple chips. This snack is naturally sweet and it contains the nutrients of fresh fruit in a convenient snack.

Flavors available: Original, Strawberry, Cinnamon, Carmel, Peach, Garlic, and Ginger.

Sizes: Small bags = 1 apple and large bags = 5 apples

What certifications does this product have:  This product is USDA certified, EcoCert certified, Kosher certified, Halal certified, gluten-free, and certified vegan.  And, this snack has no added sugar!

Trial results:  No Gluten Natural Girl Products has put this item through their product review program and given free samples out to some of our customers.  What we have found is that younger children love this snack.  Ages 2-6 seem most interested in it.  Adults trials were split down the middle, some enjoying it and others saying they wouldn’t eat it for a snack.  Children seem to enjoy all flavors and adult seem not to not notice large differences in the flavors. Adults do seem impressed with how healthy it is and are pleased that children seem to enjoy this snack.

If you would like to learn more about this product you can visit the following web page:

Please take a moment to comment on this new product.  If you have tried yogavive apple chips before we would love to hear what you think of this product.  We would also love to hear, yes or no, would you be interested in us providing this snack as an option on our website. Better yet let us know what your favorite prepackage snack is.

Thanks for your time

Saying goodbye is just so hard.

This post has nothing to do with Celiac Disease; it has to do with the loss of a loved one.

I belong to an Italian Family as some of you may know; now Godmothers are called Aunts and their children well we call them cousins at least in my family. Both my mother and my Godmother were only children and our families were so close that it’s just how we did it

Last Thursday I spent the day in an ICU holding my Godmothers hand (My Aunt Kim); two years ago she was diagnosed with lung cancer. They originally gave her 6 months. You got to know her to know she fought with everything she had for those two years.

Her and my mother have been best friends since the age of 12. They each had a child at 17, and they continued to follow each other with children all but one year and we all are only months apart. She, like my mother didn’t know what the hell they were doing but they did it anyway. My mother is one of her son’s Godmother. My mother has only had two girlfriends in her life (much like me) and my Aunt Kim was one, the other my mother met in her 20’s. They drank and smoked and partied to hard, they were young and very lucky they had great mothers who helped them raise their children while they raised hell. My Aunt Kim’s mother is 95, we all call her grandma. I watched grandma as she sat looking at her daughter die and asking why she couldn’t be taken in her place. I didn’t have an answer for her and nobody ever will. All I could do was comfort her and be there for her.

I realized that time slipped away from all of us, kids came in and out of the ICU all day and I couldn’t even recognize who they were. I said to my cousins it hasn’t helped that we all live on opposite ends of the state but then I also realized  that it was just an excuse that we all used over the years for why we haven’t gotten together. When we were kids my mother and my Aunt Kim made sure we spent nearly every weekend together, Saturday was always hamburger night. We talked all day about the things we did back then, we laughed so hard at one point the ICU nurse came in and asked us to keep it down.. as I glanced over at my aunt you could see a smile on her face, she could hear us.

My mother buried her other friend 3 years ago from colon cancer she was 58, another wonderful person taken too soon. My age hit me more than ever, I’m 50 and now that 17 year difference between myself and my mother didn’t seem so far away. 67 is just too young to be taken. My mother isn’t handling this well; she thought this day would come much later in life. We buried my Aunt on Thursday, one week after her death. I watched my mother look at her friend and cry “It’s just too soon”. Suddenly my mothers face changed and she looked much older than she is.

Life is just to dam short and we take or at least I realize I have taken it for granted that tomorrow will come. Tell the people in your life how much you love and appreciate them. You just might not get another chance. I find comfort in the fact that when I held my aunt’s hand and told her I loved her she squeezed it hard and opened her eyes briefly. I know she knew it was me and I am forever grateful for that moment between us.

Anyone know where I might find a good wig?

Some time ago I saw a red spot on my head, my hairdresser who is my husband’s cousin thought it could be irritation from a hair color I used.  Well we found two more red patches on my head and no hair is growing in the red patches. Long story short I can now add Alopecia Areata to the list of issues I have. Alopecia Areata is a condition in which the immune system mistakenly attacks the hair follicles. Sound like my Sjögren’s syndrome which is another chronic autoimmune disease in which people’s white blood cells attack their moisture-producing glands. My body just doesn’t like me anymore.

Alopecia Areata usually starts with one or more small, round, smooth bald patches on the head and can eventually cause complete hair loss on the scalp or even on the entire body (a condition known as alopecia universalis). Now that might be Ok not to have to shave my legs anymore or under my arms, right? There is no cure for Alopecia Areata. Most, but not all, of the research reports that describe patients with alopecia and celiac disease also report that the patients’ hair grew back after they adopted a gluten-free diet. Hair can grow back in or fall out again at any time, and the disease course is different for each person. So if you all have been following me you know that over the years I have had my hair fall out and I have lost my eyelashes several times, but now I have the red spots with no hair.  I know I am going to fall into the group of not all instead of most that get their hair back. Life is a trip, everyday is a new adventure. Bring it !!!!! LOL