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Not everything gluten free is 100% gluten free

To be labeled a certified product is to contain less than 20 ppm of gluten. Companies follow protocols, such as testing the raw ingredients and the finished product to make sure it falls below 20ppm. Some large companies that produce both gluten-free products and gluten-containing products use the term “no gluten ingredients” for products whose ingredients don’t include gluten, but which may be at risk for cross contamination or aren’t tested for gluten.

Now some people who have Celiac Disease can eat food products made on shared lines with gluten-containing products and not have any issues and then there are people like me who have to  avoid products made in the same facility because yes I am that sensitive.

So I have to do more than just read a label, I have to find out if they are a gluten-free facility. So I do my homework before I buy a gluten-free product, I call or email and ask questions. So far so good.

Here are some gluten-free food products that are made in gluten-free facilities and the list is longer but these are my personal favorites. This list doesn’t include gluten-free products such as shampoo, lotions, makeup etc. That list will come later.

Pamela’s: Gluten-free cookies and mixes are produced on 100% dedicated gluten-free machinery.

Glutino: A  pioneer in the gluten-free industry, Glutino is committed to creating the best tasting gluten-free products.

Bob’s Red Mill:   Bob’s Red Mill has a gluten-free symbol on all our certified gluten-free products. This symbol informs those following a gluten-free diet that products are produced in a dedicated facility free from wheat and other gluten-containing grains or derivatives.

Kinnikinnick Foods: Both of their operating plants are dedicated gluten-free facilities as they have been from the start.

Schar: The Schar production facility is dedicated gluten-free.

Lundberg Family Farms:  All of their facilities are Gluten free and they use dedicated equipment.

Sunstart:  Have a  fully dedicated allergen/wheat free facility

Non Food Items

First let me start out by saying that there is a large population of people in the Celiac world that feel there is no need to use gluten-free products on your body because Celiac Disease is an intestinal disease and you don’t absorb gluten through your skin like you would through your intestines. I will argue this forever because I know for a fact that when I use products that have gluten in them I feel different, if I use a shampoo that has gluten my head itches, same with soaps and lotions they make my body itch like crazy. I feel that it is my discussion to use gluten-free products and if it’s not yours than that’s Ok by me, I certainly don’t want people to think they have to us gluten-free products but if they choose to then here are some of my favorite ones. And yes you can find them at No Gluten Natural Girl Products.

Monave: Stands for “Modern”, “Natural”, and “Versatile”. Our private makeup line No Gluten Natural Girl is a clean, healthy line of mineral makeup that doesn’t have the ingredients that makes skin break out. 95% of our makeup is actually Vegan.

Gluten-Free Savonnerie:   Savonnerie products are produced in a gluten-free facility and have been carefully tested to ensure that they are gluten-free. I love their Shampoo and Conditioner and their Premier Bar Soap

Dakota Free Products:    Manufactured by In the Potter’s Hand Inc., a family owned, farm-based business. It is the mission of “In the Potter’s Hand Inc.” to provide high quality, natural and fragrance-free products. Produced in a Dedicated Gluten-Free Facility & Laboratory Tested. My favorite is their Wild Rose Moisturizer and their Triple Duty Mint Deodorant. Oh and I love their Bath Crystals.

Desert Essence:  Desert Essence is proud to offer natural, gluten-free formulas suitable for all customers. My favorite is their Grapefruit Hand Wash and their Coconut Hand and Body Lotion.

Loving Naturals: Loving Naturals is a natural products company created out of the desire to provide safe and natural products. Natural & Gluten Free Organic Ingredients.I love their sunscreen, bug spray and we love the Hand Sanitizer

Tom’s of Maine:  They believe in products that are safe, effective, and made of natural ingredients. Simple and understandable ingredients, free of animal ingredients. Environmentally friendly products and packaging. I use the Whole Care Toothpaste, the Wicked Fresh Mouthwash

Natural Choices:  Natural Choices is a part of Pacific Sands, Inc.  It is an environmental products company that develops, manufactures and sells a wide variety of eco-friendly products.  I LOVE the Oxy-Boost, The Dishwasher Powder, their Stain Free Pre-treatment and their Prue Green 24 Household Cleaner.

Honeybee Gardens: Their concept is “Create pure, all-natural bath and body care products made from only the finest organic ingredients. I love their Nail Polish and Mascara.


Many of these companies have more products than I have listed, I can’t say enough about these companies. This is the reason we work with these companies, there are no if’s and or but’s, you know you are getting quality made products by people who care about how their products are made and the consumers that use them.