Living Gluten Free

You will find that I am a research junky, I have tons of information saved. I thought theses sites were helpful when I was first diagnosed.

University of Chicago, Celiac Center.

Celiac Disease

What is Gluten?

Hidden Sources Of Gluten

You will find gluten in items you wouldn’t think of

Gluten Free Diet:  Author:  Frank W. Jackson, M.D.

List foods that are safe and those that are questionable

Confirmed Gluten-Free Drugs and Medications

Gluten Free Registry. Type in city and state and it will give you safe gluten-free restaurants


A list of gluten free prescription medications


My favorite social networks

These are the best networks I feel if you want information, ask questions and find people who can give support.

Don’t Eat That: This social site is run by a great lady named  Jayne Aston, she runs several blogs with great information. There are a number of groups you can join based on your needs. Articles and videos are also on site and you can design your page yourself.

The Celiac Diva: This is another site run by another great lady who has a Facebook page where you can get tons of help and or she has an internet show which is very informative and she blogs

Gluten Free Networks: Here is another site where you can join all kinds of groups and meet new people with similar needs. This site is run by a gentleman named John Libonati. Lots of great articles and information

Simply…. Gluten Free:  This site is great, the beautiful lady that runs this site is a television chef, freelance writer and cookbook author, so not only do you get great recipes you also get a lot of information. She also has giveaways which is really nice.

Gluten Free Gigi: This site is run by yet another great girl, tons of product information, great recipes and she is also a food writer and a contributor for Health Central, an online support and wellness community providing trusted information for a variety of conditions.



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