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Great benifts to some yummy foods

Great chart I got from Facebook over at Way of the Butterfly, here is her link.

Sorry, I do believe the chart originally came from Emas Herbs



More Great Gluten Free Recipes

More Great Gluten Free Recipes.

Vitamin D Deficiencies and Celaic Disease

So this is what I have gathered so far from my doctors and what I have read. Because I have Celiacs Disease I do not absorb nutrients, so I do not absorb vitamins. They are too hard on my system and a little know fact but most vitamins also have gluten in them which I cannot have. There are vitamins out there that are gluten-free but you have to look for them and really check and do your homework.

Calcium and Vitamin D deficiency due to malabsorption increase the risk of osteoporosis in those with celiac disease. Now I never show any vitamin D in my system ever, so I usually have to go on 50,000 units once a week for 1 month to bring my vitamin D level to normal. What happens is 6 to 8 month later when I go back in to have it checked its back to either being extremely low or not showing up at all in my blood work. So now I try to eat more food that is higher in vitamin D.

Foods High in Vitamin D

  • Fish, Sardines, Salmon and Tuna (Love fish so I”m good)
  • Soy (If I have to)
  • Eggs (Love them)
  • Shiitake & Button Mushroom (Love them)
  • Dairy (Cant have)

The other best way to get vitamin D is sunshine, which I love to get and when its warm out I do a lot of swimming in our pool but I do not lay out in the sun any more (for obvious reason) but I do use a great Gluten Free Sunscreen

There are conditions that develop when vitamin D deficiency is ongoing. Muscle weakness, pain and lack of energy. Hyperparathyroidism, Rickets can occur in children, Osteoarthritis and bone fractures can also occur.

I had to have a bone scan done because of my lack of vitamin D and because I am no longer 5 ft 8 I am now 5 ft 7 (I argued with the nurse when she measured me) so they thought I was having bone issues but were surprised to see that my bones are in really good shape considering I don’t keep vitamin D in my system. I still want to know where that inch went, I’ve been 5ft 8 since kindergarten.

Life, gotta just laugh at it sometimes

Happy New Year

      May 2012 bring you everything you need.

Vaccine could halt autoimmune diseases

So there is a lot of this being posted all over the place.  If you could take a vaccine to stop your autoimmune disease would you? This article talks about Rheumatoid Arthritis and Chrohn’s Disease, you can read it here at this link

There is also talk about there being a vaccine developed for Celiac Disease, in my life time. Would I take it? I’m not sure. Some say vaccines are the cause of the issues. There isn’t enough information for me to say whether I would or wouldn’t, what are the potential side effects and so on. For right now I am feeling good. I am eating healthy or healthier, more fruits, veggies, lean meats and fish. So I’m good for now.

Just thought I would share this information with you.

Winter sale page from No Gluten Natural Girl Products

We have a great new sale page for winter going on, check it out.!__sale

Email from a customer

Ellen wrote about our company on her blog after she purchased our laundry detergent back in August, she found our website through our other site (this site takes you to No Gluten Natural Girl) she has been a loyal customer ever since. You can read what she wrote about Oxy Prime by following this link, you have to scroll down to Natural Clothes Detergent.

We received this email today from her 12/19/2011


I hope you also have a wonderful Christmas, I want to thank you for having such great products for people with allergy sensitivities to skin care

I have let every one that I know about your website and how great your products are..  I have called my doctor and my son’s doctor and let them know to tell their patients to go to your website.

It is funny with your laundry detergent my son likes as he puts it the chemical laundry detergent.  He just does not get it yet that the regular products that you get at most stores are not good for you.  He is 22 and thinks he knows it all.

Getting back to my point he usually does his own laundry but the one day he called me from the road and said Mom I forgot to wash my uniform for work, can you take care of it for me?.  I told him a little fib and said well all we have is my as he calls it my nasty natural stuff that does not do anything. He said well just use it.  I did and he came home put on his uniform and said thank you  and went off to work. He came home that night and said I thought you said you only had your stuff left. It did not have much scent to it but my clothes felt much better what did you use.  I told him my nasty all natural stuff. He said Oh no you did not, it can’t be.  I said it is, he said back you  know it did clean better and my clothes were softer. I thought you would like to hear that .

I can’t use the store ought products I break out from them He does not have that problem but I just love your products.  In a way I am glad that I do have the sensitivities that I do have or I would never would have found out your products.

As they say it was a blessing in disguise.