Living Gluten Free

Debbie update:

So first I want to thank everyone for the prayers and get well wishes. I got sick over a week ago, Bob took me to the hospital. They found a small bleed in my brain and I was transferred to Loyola Hospital ICU, I remember a lot of test, really bad headaches and pressure in my head. I had a lumbar spinal which relieved the pressure but hurt like hell. They found a nodule in my head but didnt think it was anything to worry about at the time. Came home a week ago today and I am still foggy and have to watch, very slow moving. I will be on here and there until I can get my strength back. Love you all. This was scary for me so I can only imagine what my friends and family went through. I love you Bob, Kyle, Danny and Cheryl. My mom and sisters and my in-laws and of course all of you. I am a lucky lady

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