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Did you know that makeup and personal care products are not tested by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration before they go on the market? Kinda scary isn’t it, glad I know whats in my makeup and personal care products. The Environmental Working Group (EWG) found that 80 % of the products they tested were contaminated with one or more substances linked to cancer and other health issues. WOW 80 % that’s a lot.

One of the most common ingredients in make up is talc. Talc is a known carcinogen and can cause lung damage.

Propylene glycol is included in many make up and beauty products as a humectant. It is also included in brake fluid and antifreeze. WOW

The FDA allows mercury compounds to be used in eye make up as long as parts per million does not exceed 65. How nice of them to stop it at 65.

Formaldehyde is used as a disinfectant, preservative and fungicide. Found in deodorants and nail varnish. It is a suspected cancer-causing chemical.

Isopropylalcohol is used as a solvent to help colors mix together. Found in lipsticks and cream blushes, it is linked to neurological damage and may cause the body tissues to be more susceptible to cancer.

And these are just a few of the chemicals found in cosmetics. I will add more as I research more about it. Friends have been sending me articles about it since I no longer use over the counter cosmetics and since I have been ill. So check this from time to time I am sure I will be adding more as I learn more about this issue.

Here are more chemicals I found that can be in products

I mentioned this one earlier but found out a little more about it. Propylene / Butylene Glycol (PG): Found in: deodorants, body lotions, body washes, hair conditioner, hair gel, creams, hand-wipes, lipsticks.  Side effects that are linked to these are possible brain, liver, and kidney abnormalities respiratory and throat irritation, central nervous system depression, pulmonary oedema, brain damage, hypoglycaemia, skin rashes and dermatitis.  This chemical is banned in Europe.

Amine family which is Diethanolamine (DEA), triethanolamine (TEA), amonoethanolamine (MEA): These can be found in shampoos, soaps, hairspray, sunscreens, foundations, concealers, eyeliner, talc, face powders, shaving creams, hair colouring products (women/men), hair sprays. This chemical can result in  hormone disruptor; carcinogen linked to liver and kidney cancer; irritant to hair and skin; corrosive to eyes; causes contact dermatitis. This is currently under review in the USA, UK and Europe


Comments on: "Do you know whats in your makeup? I know whats in mine" (4)

  1. Wow!! I am lucky!! I seldom makeup myself!!

    • Lucky you indeed, I’m just not comfortable with out makeup unless I’m staying home. I do use less of it then I have since getting ill. Thanks, have a great day.

  2. Very nice information shared by you. I was just searching this type of information and luckily I got it from your blog. I like your blog also. Keep it up.

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