Living Gluten Free

Me and my boys, the two reasons why my heart beats

So family members and some friends after a year and a half still don’t get what I can and cannot eat. I love my family to death but really. My two boys get it and they usually will say “No she can’t have that”. Most people don’t understand that I cannot cheat. “Oh come on, you mean you can’t have a little?”  “NO” I cannot have a little. A little puts me in a spin that can take me 24 hours or more to get out of. The last time I got gluten in my system by cross contamination, I almost ended up in the hospital and I missed 2 days of work. So “NO, I can’t cheat”.

So I am thinking I am going to give everyone whom I love either a list of No No’s or just a short blurb about what I have and how gluten effects me.The other day my husband offered me a bite of cookie and I looked at him with death rays, really are you kidding me.

Lol  Sometimes you just gotta shake your head  and laugh.


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