Living Gluten Free

Ever time I went to the doctor they had a reason for my symptoms. In my 20’s I had Colitis, 30’s Irritable bowel, 40’s Spastic Colon. At 49 it hit me and it hit me hard, I was sick all the time, lost my eyelashes, my hair was falling out and my doctor at the time said I had a bad sinus infection and put me on antibiotics. Thankfully for me he went skiing and the one day I felt well enough to go to work a colleague of mine was very concerned and suggested I see his doctor so I did. They could not  find any reason for all that was going on, they started by taking me off the antibiotics and sent me for test. When I still wasn’t getting better and made a trip to the emergency room they sent me to a Gastroenterologist. Then we got the news, so all these years did some heavy-duty damage. Tell me your story and how hard was it for you to get a doctor to help you, some times it helps to hear you are not the only one this happens to or that you aren’t crazy after all.  LOL


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  1. Like you, based on the level of damage shown in the gastroscopy results, I also have had Coeliac disease for at least 20 years. Because I’m one of those who didn’t have any gastric symptoms (apart from a bloated stomach) mine would never have been picked up if it wasn’t for a very stressful time in my life 12 months ago when I got pain in my esophagus (stress related) and so was sent for a gastroscopy. That’s when they found it. It was shock to everyone as I have never had stomach problems but after being gluten free for almost 12 months, I am now very aware of the symptoms I had but didn’t recognize as Coeliac symptoms. If you are interested, you can check my story out in my blog. I have found it helps so much to read other’s stories. I’m glad I found yours.

    • I am meeting more and more people who had no symptoms. I would love to read your story, it does help to learn about and hear how others are diagnosed and what they have gone through. I recently met a young girl who’s sister has intestinal cancer from Coeliac Disease and she is getting tested for Coeliac. Thank you for your kind words. I hope to speak with you again soon and I look forward to reading your story.

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