Living Gluten Free

My mother, me and one of my sisters and of course my two handsome son's

So I will give you a little background, I come from an Italian family. Pasta and bread is what I grew up on. I have always had some type of issue with my stomach for as long as I could remember. So I am the only one in my family with Celiac Disease, how can that be? There are some family members that have issues with their stomachs but they will not get tested. I didn’t have that option, I got so sick and lost so much weight so fast even my new doctors were baffled. Luckily for me they sent me to a Gastrologist and he found out, they figure by the amount of damage I have had this maybe 25 years.

Oh when I told my mother it was hereditary she asked her doctor and this is what he said, ready for this “Well she needs someone to blame doesn’t she” Ok you can all close your mouths now, yes that came out of a doctors mouth. All I can say is that he is lucky I wasn’t there.   Badda Bing Badda Boom


Comments on: "Are you the only one in the family with Celiac Disease? I am, lucky me :)" (4)

  1. I am the only person in my family with Coeliac as well. And my sister prefers to put her head in the sand and won’t even have the blood test. But my 2 kids have both been tested and they don’t have it, thank goodness.
    Not easy, is it. I certainly wouldn’t be gluten free by choice!

    • My family is in denial, I truly feel that at least one of my sisters has Celiac and I would bet money my mother does as well. My boys have not been tested yet. I am trying to encourage them to do so. Since I am meeting so many people that do not have symptoms I will press even harder for them to get tested. I wouldn’t be gluten by choice either and its not easy but when you find support in people you meet that have Celiac then it can get easier. Have you been to any of the groups on Facebook? There is a great deal of wonderful people there just like us.

      • I haven’t been to any of the Facebook groups. I might do that.

        • Check under my blog about sites I found helpful. At the bottom are the links. You can find me @
          I also belong to several Social Networks: Don’t Eat That is one of them

          The Celiac Diva is a great one, I check in there every day, she is one Facebook and has a internet show.

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